Credits where they are due for all sort of things:

  • Stéphanie, Christophe and Laurie for taking care of everything during my trip.
  • Hubert, Pierrette and Chantal for their inconditional support.
  • Laurent as my official hardware supplier from the US. ;-)
  • The crazy team: Sophie, Bernadette, Nadège, Sébastien, Loïc, Emmanuel, François.
  • Jérome for kindly hosting this website.
  • Laetitia for probably giving me the idea to jump into this trip.
  • All the numerous people that supported me.
  • The iMediation Development team for these 'interesting' years.
  • Eric for being the supportive Project Manager during iMediation years.
  • Fabrice and Isabelle for absolutely nothing but I had to say it here ;-).
  • Christophe for kindly spending days and night to negotiate with some grotesque individual.
If you ever need an attorney firm that specialize in corporate finance, capital markets, mergers and acquisition transactions and business litigation, Christophe can recommend one you should NOT take. Though it could be wise to recommend it to your ennemy.